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“To all the wonderful lads and ladies at Cromwell’s, thank you very much for all your help. Your cheeriness and efficiency kept me going.”  Louise, St. Ives

Thanks Louise, the guys try hard to make moving stress free and we know it can be tiring so we try to keep energy high and ensure that we get a good job done for you in the time we promised.

“We have moved many times over the years, but this was probably the most complex and potentially the most stressful. You and your team kept us sane and smiling, everything worked exactly on time, you coped wonderfully with the difficult and unexpected and you smiled through the whole 3 days. Thank you and well done.” Michael Canavan, Hereford

Thanks for the kind words Michael, we know it can sometimes seem like a move is trying to achieve the impossible but we also know that if we say we can move it we can move it.

“In my working life I have moved eleven times and this time my move was undoubtedly the best. All the staff were courteous and punctual and nothing was too much trouble. Also this is the first move where nothing was broken or damaged. The care that was taken with all of my possessions is something that I did appreciate. From the moment the ladies arrived to start the packing I knew that I was in safe hands, with a company that puts people first.” Rev. John Jenneth Morgan

Thank you so much John, we know that not everyone feels comfortable with someone else packing for them and so we do all we can to ensure that our clients are happy and feel looked after in their move from start to finish.

“I can honestly say that you lot were FABULOUS. You made the day go smoothly and I really appreciate that. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my many close friends, thank you again.” Angela Peroina, Cambridge

Thanks Angela, always great to hear that you are happy to recommend us, the vast majority of our work comes from past customers or those who have heard of us from friends and relatives who have recommended our services.

“To say thank you would not be sufficient to say how much I appreciated your help and efficient control of a very traumatic day for me.” M. Lawyer, Hartford

Thanks, moving can be a very stressful time for us all and we try to minimise that for our customers by ensuring we have a plan and sticking to it as much as possible.

“When you popped round to collect the boxes I told you how impressed we were with Jim and his two mates. All three of them were so cheerful and even though they packed up the lorry very quickly and efficiently, they still had time to have a chat with us.” Sally Perrett, Stukeley Meadows

Thanks Sally, with over 20 years’ experience with moving we understand that it’s not just about getting the job done, it is also important for our customers to feel happy and confident in the people you are entrusting your precious items with, oh and the guys are always happy to chat over a quick cuppa.

“We were impressed with the attention to detail, the fact that you listened to what we wanted and carried a difficult job in a jolly and polite manner. The bag of wine gums for the kids was an extra special treat!” Julian and Carole Todd, Ipswich

Thanks Julian, we do our best to ensure that every customer we have is treated the way we would want to be and so we do all we can to make every move as individual as our customers are and listening to your needs is a huge part of that, as is keeping the kids happy.

It is always great to hear from our customers after the move is all over and we love to hear your stories and what we did that helped you the most. Please do keep letting us know what you think and sending in the thank you cards, letters and emails – we love it!

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