10 Common House Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Ah, moving house. It’s a mix of excitement and a pinch of dread, right? We all dream of a seamless move, but sometimes little slip-ups can lead to big headaches. The good news? Most house moving mistakes are pretty common, and with a bit of know-how, they’re easy to sidestep. So, let’s dive into these pitfalls and see how you can steer clear of them for a breezy move.

1. House Moving Mistakes: Underestimating the Mountain of Bits and Bobs

You start off thinking, “I don’t have much stuff,” only to find yourself surrounded by mountains of it when packing day arrives. It’s like all your belongings decided to multiply overnight!

Why it’s a home moving mistake:

We often forget about all those nooks, crannies, and cupboards where things accumulate over time. Underestimating can lead to insufficient packing materials or even a smaller moving van than you actually need.

Tips to sidestep this pitfall:

  • Get started early: A month or two before your move, start surveying your stuff. The more time you have, the less overwhelmed you’ll feel.
  • Categorise your items: Group things by room or item type. It’ll give you a clear visual of just how much stuff you’ve got.
  • Be realistic about decluttering: If you haven’t worn that jacket in three years, chances are you won’t anytime soon. Let it find a new home!

2. Avoiding Decluttering!

    Decluttering is to moving what spring cleaning is to a new year. It might feel like a chore, but oh, the satisfaction of lightening your load!

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Carting unnecessary items to your new place is time-consuming, takes up space, and can even cost you more in moving fees. Plus, why crowd your fresh start with stuff you don’t need?

    Tips to navigate this house moving error hurdle:

    • Car boot sale, eBay or Vinted: Turn your unwanted items into someone else’s treasures. Plus, a bit of extra cash never hurt anyone, right?
    • Donate with a heart: Items in good condition can find a new lease of life with someone in need. Local charities are always on the lookout for donations.
    • Tech to the rescue: Use resale apps or local online marketplaces. Your old lamp might just be someone’s perfect decor piece!

    3. The “Oops, I Forgot to Tell You” Situation

    Imagine ordering that book you’ve been dying to read, only for it to be delivered to your old address. Or, even worse, missing out on important mails because you forgot to update your address.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Failing to notify important entities about your move can lead to missed bills, packages, and crucial communications. It’s a hassle you don’t need during an already busy time.

    Tips to dodge this blunder:

    • List it out: Create a checklist of all the places you need to update your address with. From utility providers to subscription boxes – jot them down. See The Ultimate Pre-Move Checklist: Everything You Need to Organise Before the Big Day for more ideas.
    • Early bird benefits: Begin updating your address a few weeks before your move. This ensures a seamless transition of mails and packages.
    • Think of the kiddos: If you have children, don’t forget to inform their school and arrange for necessary transfers or records.

    4. The Last-Minute Packing Panic

    There’s always that one mate who’s running around, shoving stuff into bags ten minutes before a trip. But when it comes to moving, the last-minute dash can be a disaster!

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Rushing can mean misplacing things, forgetting essentials, or packing items haphazardly, risking damage. It can also shoot up your stress levels big time!

    Tips to dodge this home relocation chaos:

    • Slow and steady: Begin packing non-essential items a few weeks out. Think seasonal clothing, knick-knacks, or rarely used appliances.
    • Label as you go: Every packed box should have a clear label: which room it’s for, its contents, and any handling instructions like “fragile” or “this side up”.
    • Essentials first: Have a separate bag or box for day-one essentials – think toiletries, a change of clothes, and vital documents. You don’t want to be rummaging through boxes on your first night!

    5. The Furniture Fiasco

    That sinking feeling when your comfy sofa won’t fit through the front door? Yep, that’s a furniture fiasco, and trust us, it’s a common mishap.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Not measuring furniture and doorways can mean nasty surprises on home moving day. You might end up with scratched walls, damaged furniture, or even pieces left outside!

    Tips to avoid this snag:

    • Tape measure to the rescue: Measure your largest pieces and the entryways of your new home. Forewarned is forearmed!
    • Dismantle when you can: Some furniture, like beds or dining tables, can be disassembled. It makes moving them easier and reduces risk of damage.
    • Hire the pros: If you’re unsure about moving larger items, consider hiring professionals who can handle it with care and expertise.

    6. Forgetting the Fragile

    You’re unpacking at the new place and – uh-oh – Grandma’s vintage vase didn’t survive the journey. Protecting fragile items should be top of your moving list.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Fragile items need extra care. Failing to pack them securely can lead to heartbreak when you realise something precious has been damaged. Checkout our blog on packing tips: Stress-Free Relocation, Part 1: Pro Packing Tips for Securing Your Belongings.

    Tips to safeguard the sentimental:

    • Bubble-wrap is your buddy: Don’t skimp on protective materials. Fragile items should be snug as a bug in bubble wrap or padded with soft materials.
    • No overpacking: Heavy boxes are a no-go. Distribute the weight and avoid packing too many fragile items together.
    • Label with love: Clearly mark boxes containing breakables. It’ll serve as a reminder for anyone handling them to be extra gentle.

    7. Overlooking the Utilities 

    Nothing’s quite like arriving at your new home, eager for a hot shower and a cuppa, only to find out the water’s cold and there’s no power. Overlooking utilities can put a real damper on your moving spirit.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Forgetting to transfer utilities means you could end up without essential services when you move in. Plus, you don’t want to be paying for utilities in a house you no longer live in.

    Tips to dodge the dark (literally):

    • Lists are lifesavers: Make a list of all your utilities: gas, water, electricity, broadband, etc. Note down transfer dates and contact numbers.
    • Give them a ring: About two weeks before your move, call your providers. Inform them about your moving date and provide the new address.
    • Double-check on moving day: Before you leave your old home, take meter readings and snap a photo as evidence. It’ll save any future disputes.

    8. The ‘Day-Of’ Disorganisation

    You’ve got the keys, the van’s outside, but where’s the kettle? And who packed the tea bags? The first day in your new home should feel celebratory, not chaotic.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Being disorganised on moving day can drain your energy and dampen the excitement. It can also make the unpacking process slower and more stressful.

    Tips to sidestep the scatter:

    • First-day box: Pack a box with all the day-of essentials. Kettle, tea bags, snacks, tools, toilet paper – think of what you’ll need immediately.
    • Delegate duties: If you’re moving with family or friends, assign tasks. One person handles paperwork, another manages the movers, someone else takes care of food.
    • Stay connected: Ensure your phone’s charged. Having access to contacts, maps, or even just some calming music can be a lifesaver.

    9. Neglecting Your New Neighbours

    You’re wrapped up in the move, and before you know it, weeks have passed, and you’ve barely exchanged a ‘hello’ with the neighbours. Making an early connection can make your settling-in period much sweeter.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Neighbours can be a great source of local knowledge, from the best chippy to which days the bins are collected. Plus, building good relationships early on makes for a harmonious living environment.

    Tips to make the first move:

    • A simple ‘hello’: Just a wave and introduction can go a long way. It breaks the ice and sets a friendly tone.
    • Little gestures: Consider popping over with a card or some biscuits. It’s an age-old icebreaker that still works wonders!
    • Attend local events: Keep an eye out for local gatherings or community events. It’s a relaxed way to meet neighbours and get a feel for the community vibe.

    10. Check-in With… Yourself!

    In the midst of boxes, bubble wrap, and bustling around, we often forget to check in on one crucial thing: ourselves. Moving is a big deal, and it’s perfectly normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions.

    Why it’s a mistake:

    Underestimating the emotional and mental toll of a move can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s more than just shifting items; it’s moving memories, experiences, and starting anew.

    Tips to maintain your peace:

    • Take breaks: Don’t forget to rest. If you’re tired, have a sit-down, make a brew, and relax for a bit.
    • Reach out: Talk to friends or family. Sharing your feelings or concerns can be incredibly therapeutic.
    • Celebrate small wins: Each packed box, each completed task is a step closer. Celebrate these moments; it makes the process more rewarding.

    Conclusion: Dodging the Home Moving Mishaps

    Moving home is like a dance – there might be a few missteps, but it’s all part of the journey. What’s crucial is learning, adjusting, and moving (pun intended) with grace. From forgetting the teabags to neglecting our own mental well-being, the hurdles can be plenty, but with a pinch of preparation and a spoonful of understanding, they’re all surmountable.

    Remember, it’s okay to ask for help, whether it’s with heavy lifting or just needing an ear. Your move is a significant milestone, and it deserves all the care and attention you can give. Before you know it, you’ll be settled in, reminiscing about the adventure of the move. So, as you step into this next chapter, carry with you the lessons learned, the memories cherished, and the excitement of all that lies ahead. Safe moving!

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