How to Move House with Children: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you about to move house with children and feeling a little overwhelmed? You’re not alone. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to moving house, and when you add kids into the mix, it can be even more daunting.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll share some tips for making the move as smooth as possible for your little ones. Keep reading for our best advice!

The best way to move house with children under 5

By the time kids reach five years old, they have already established a very strong connection to their new home. This is because by that age most children are curious and want to explore different places while also getting accustomed to their surroundings to feel comfortable enough where they can call this place “home.”

The new place will seem like home from day one as long they know their family lives here.

As a new parent, you need to be very careful with what your child is promised. The idea that something will happen and then it doesn’t can really damage their faith in adults as well as teach them all promises made towards them are followed through.

It is crucial to keep your children entertained on the day of a move. They don’t understand how stressful it can be for their parents, so finding ways that distract them may reduce stress levels for them and the whole family! There are box forts made out of the moving boxes which provide an interactive experience while also helping with creativity – perfect when you need something fun but simple.

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The best way to move house with children over 5

When it comes time for you and your family to move, take children along. Let them have a voice in the neighbourhood where you choose as well as room picker! You’ll find that this is less of a stressful event than most other moves because there are so many factors taken into consideration before making decisions about where things will go – like what schools are close by or even if their new school has better sports teams.

Give them jobs to do

Doing menial tasks with your kids can be a great joy. Have you ever noticed how the most trivial things give children some kind of irrational pleasure? Kids seem to find something enjoyable in just about any task, even if it may not make sense for them at all! For example, packing up their own toys and labeling boxes is something that many kids enjoy doing during household moves – which could help save time on behalf of parents who don’t want to spend hours running around trying different shops looking for supplies.

Check out your new home

If you have the chance, before you move house with children, visit your future home before moving in. Show them around and let their own tastes be a part of it all! Before painting any walls try to get feedback from family members so everyone’s happy.

Farewell to their old home

The goodbye process can be tough, but don’t worry! Your kids will get through this. They might not feel like they have anything good or important at first – that’s totally normal for younger children but watch out for any signs of sadness after a week has passed since saying goodbye to old friends and neighbourhoods can be distressing.

New activities for your kids

Find new activities for your children to try. The best way is by signing them up to after-school sports or art classes; it will give the child an opportunity at trying different things, meeting new friends and maybe discovering their passion while also giving you a chance see how they develop over time, which can help guide future career choices!

Hug your kids

As a parent, you need to show them that they are loved and wanted in every way possible through affectionate touching or words of affirmation – even if it’s just “I love how hard you worked on helping pack your room!”

Cromwell Removals - Moving House with Children Hugs
Cromwell Removals – Moving House with Children

The best way to move house with teenage children

You might notice that your teen is staying quiet during this process. They may even seem indifferent to the moving situation, but don’t worry! This doesn’t mean they aren’t excited about where you’re going or what’s happening with their family life – instead of assuming things just because of how they act right now try these three steps:

Talk it through

Asking for a talk is the best way to make sure your child knows why you’re moving and you can discuss both advantages as well as disadvantages. Don’t be too invasive when asking, but do keep in mind that they may want or need some time on their own before talking more about it.

Move in the summer holidays

The best time to move is summer when kids are out of school and have more free hours. This way they can adjust before starting their new school/term, making it easier on them as well! Also, it’s much more pleasant moving house in the warm sunshine rather than cold rain.

Say goodbye to their friends

When it comes to say goodbye, give your teen as much time and space as they need. They have made so many friends at the old place; you should let them spend some extra quality time with those people before saying goodbye. That way if things get hard for them at home, there will still be someone who understands what has happened and what they are going through.

Look out for signs your teen may need some help

A change in behaviour can indicate that something is wrong. It could be more aggressive, or not talking – or even just feeling sad and unhappy. If you notice these things happening more than usual then get some help, there’s plenty available and it can really make a difference.

Don’t let studying slip

Studying can be tough enough without having to worry about moving house too. If your teen feels like the pressure of school has been getting too much, it might be time for a little break and some extra help from mum or dad or even a tutor. You can find resources online that will suit any student’s needs which will help reduce the chances of slipping academically when school starts up again.

Learn to give personal space

Teens are in the stage of life where nothing is more important than their independence and you should show them that they’re treated as an adult. If this isn’t clear from your tone of voice or body language you really shouldn’t expect them to behave any better than a child.

Final words

Moving with kids can be a little more stressful on moving day, but it can be reduced with a bit of careful planning and consideration for the younger ones.

This article provides tips on how to move house with children, specifically children aged 5 and up. Some of the tips include talking to your children about the move, moving during the summer holidays, and saying goodbye to friends. The article also advises parents to look out for signs that their teen may need some help adjusting to the move.

For more advice on moving home or to se how Cromwell Removals can lessen the burden, get in touch and we’d be delighted to give you a free quote and have a chat about your coming move.

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